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What is Thrive Energetics?

Thrive Energetics blends Law of Attraction life coaching principles with subconscious reprogramming and energetic activations to help you thrive in every dimension of your life.

The tools and techniques of Thrive Energetics can be used for practically anything:
• Physical healing
• Anti-aging
• Increased stamina and energy
• Weight loss or diet support
• Self-discipline
• Exercise and fitness enhancement
• Physical manifestation
• Financial freedom
• Addiction release
• Improved sexual response and function
• Focus and attention
• Enhanced romantic relationships
• Attracting your ideal job
• Improved sleep and enhanced dreaming
• Spiritual growth
• Elimination of shame and grief
• Finding joy and meaning in life
• And so much more…

Patrick Prohaska,
Thrive Energetics Founder

Patrick Prohaska

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